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The untold story of one university's quest for college football glory.

On October 4, 2014 the Rutgers football team celebrated its first Big Ten conference win against Michigan, one of the most storied programs in athletics history. Screaming fans, decked out in scarlet and white, stormed the field of High Point Solutions Stadium. After a nearly twenty-five year saga, one of America’s oldest universities had finally made it in one of college football's most prominent landscapes. Rutgers’ history since joining the Big East in 1992 is a microcosm of everything that defines American college sports today: a quest to win that includes savvy athletic directors, determined coaches, dynamic boosters, state political elite, opinionated columnists, faculty opposition, controversy, and feverish enthusiasm. This documentary is the story of one college’s fervent pursuit of sports glory and the ensuing struggle from those on both sides of the issue to define a university’s future.

The film is a recipient of The Rogovy Foundation's Miller / Packan Documentary Fund Grant.

The Crew:

Robert Andersen - Director/Producer

Robert is an independent filmmaker whose short films have played at film festivals throughout the country. His work has been featured on HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumble. 

Shawn Adler - Producer

Shawn is a former writer and producer at MTV, who has conducted thousands of interviews with celebrities, political figures, authors, and statesmen. His work has been cited by, among others, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, USA Today, E!, NPR, Yahoo, and The Colbert Report. 

Ilan Arboleda - Producer

Ilan's production credits include Casting By, Thank You for Your Service, and Kedi. His films have appeared in over 50 film festivals including Cannes, Sundance, Berlin, Toronto and New York and have been released in numerous countries around the world.

Tom Donahue - Producer

Tom's films have played on thousands of screens and hundreds of festivals. He has produced and edited numerous features and documentaries that have, combined, won over twenty-five awards.